Lighted bottle displays (also called Liquor shelves, bar shelves, back bar displays or bottle steps) are the ideal way to organize, promote and access your favorite liquors, wines or beers. Our high quality LED bottle displays will not only organize your bottles, but will tastefully decorate your back bar as well. The color changes and lighting progressions that you can select by remote control can help set the mood from a fast pace to a relaxed atmosphere. Our single, double and triple tier models are used in bars, restaurants, hotels and better home bars everywhere. Sturdy and durable, these attractive displays will last for years to come.


LED Lighted  Solid Hardwood models:

Solid Walnut Hardwood 



Traditional Non-Lighted Solid Hardwood  models:


 Non Lighted Series



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44 Key Remote control included for all LED lighted models. Click on the remote for a closeup view!